Case Files

Want to be an EXIT 9 Investigator?   The EXIT 9I case files allow you in-depth access to exclusive evidence and information only provided via the docuseries and our case files – follow the investigation as it happens.  EXIT 9I case files are 10+ pages of content, including photos, case notes, witness testimonies, new evidence/information and much more not provided in the articles.  The case file is essentially the blueprint for the EXIT 9I docuseries.

The case files are $5 and help us fund the investigation into that particular case; this covers court document fees, FOIA fees, Newspaper archives fees, shipping and handling fees for evidence, and much more.

*If you don’t see the case file to your favorite case, it’s because EXIT 9I doesn’t have enough information to release yet – we produce exclusive content and will not provide you with less.

Exit the systematic approach to investigations. Enter Exit 9.

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